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Mobile first approach


The process of any of the sites I’ve designed starts with making a mobile prototype of the site. Its a simple way to organize all lements into a confined space. All thats needed can be placed and later on with other team members we can think on what extra elements can be added to the wider versions of the site.

Color Scheme and concept

The concept was based on white label copy’s brand guidelines. Cold tones and a serene vibe were the main pinpoints. You can check out this Pdf to see how the design and conversion strategies were used to build this site. Download the keynote here.


Desktop Version 

Though less and less we use desktops or check out full wide screens, probably only on this versions is that we get to have full design freedom. In terms of spacing, the use of certain elements such as illustrations and more variations on typography. That said here is the Desktop / Tablet version of the site. 

Thank you for watching!