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Loyalty Program

While working in  Havas Digital, one of the projects for Unilever consisted in creating the mockup and prototype for a loyalty program. This program was designed to encourage customers to continue to shop and use services and features via the application that would reward them. By buying certain products, users could in turn exchange points for later use exchanging them for special promotions but also taking part in a series of marketing campaigns. 


The idea Nakopilka witch translates to Piggybank, began to develop because, in the past years, Russia suffered an economic crisis and sanctions hit the income of most middles class households. Our team thought of how to react to the trend that less and fewer people were consuming imported goods such as the ones sold by Unilever.


Introducing such saving strategies via digital platforms, very trending in a high paced city like Moscow, would help raise brand awareness and keep customers faithful to the brand even during harsh times.

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