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The Project

KFC BATTLE is a unique international sport and cultural-educational project. For many years, it has been implemented by the KFC brand for young people who want to find their way. The project promotes the ideas of an active lifestyle and provides opportunities for diverse self-development. Each participant gets a chance to become famous, to realize themselves, to meet like-minded people, and to understand how strong he is.

My Role as Designer

I was working at the time of this project as Art director for Havas Digital in Moscow. I was handed the task of fixing some elements so the dashboard would work more efficiently. There were some issues related to how users interacted with the chat and also transofrming certains sections to mobile was one of the bigger challenges.


As crazy as it may seem, you could easily be dumbfounded by the fact that this project wasn’t built responsive first. At the time of this writting this has been one of the greater challenges I faced in Ad Agencies in Russia. First most of the creatives come of course from either a pure Ad background lacking in basic knowledge about technology or they are rather unconcerned about simple technology workflows. Second agencies for the most parts don’t have technology driven teams, a lot of the hefty work gets handed to third party developers, needless to say the approach is to deliver and not have an iterative process in which the product can be improved over time. Many other considerations such as scale, budget are to be taken into account for this array of mistakes, but overall projects do have one minor advantage, in that creativity tends to trump technical restrictions.¬†

Desktop Version

Mobile Version