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Grasshopper is a platform and app that lets students focus on specific drills to improve their math skills. With the help of AI, grasshopper learns from you as you progress, adapting and giving the right learning material for you to grow your math skills.

February – March 2020

About this project
I was involved with the design process from start to finish (There was a barebones version of the app and we picked it up from there) you can take a look at the project in Figma.


Overall the design process emulated the scientific method, it began asking ourselves how to make the interface as intuitive as possible, reducing the steps to the minimum. Then came the hypothesis which comes in the form of experiments with wireframing/prototyping to see if the design met the first criteria. While doing this process, data is collected from stakeholders and test users. Finally after this trial and error period we have a conclusion.
Project Length
For this design process we took a total of 18 weeks.
Best Parts
The best parts of the project where talking with the stakeholders and learning on the side a bit about education and how to apply AI to help students by creating drills for them to improve their math skills..
The challenge as usual is understanding the user and how to make a product, in this case an app to learn math, be as easily and intuitive as possible.