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Project Description

Editorum hired me to work on the UI for their product Dashboard almost two years ago. It’s a self-editing platform that lets you publish your academic papers. Besides editing and distributing the documents to mayor educational channels like JSTOR, it also offers help in writing and legal consultation.
The access to the platform -> via editorum.io
If you wish to skip this and take a look inside the project, they have a series of videos where the whole flow and are available in youtube.

 My role as designer

Working for Editorum was one of my very first roles as Ux/UI designer. Most of the tasks here were to take existing wireframes and make the UI for the dashboard. I also had to take care of the different stages on each of the screens and prepare the files to they were ready to go into development.


Working on this project taught me a lot; you are currently seeing just a small display of all the screens designed. It is a very robust platform, and I was not quite fluent as now as I am with Russian. So the language barrier to take this project into production was always present. I did have a great team. They listened to my design perspective and were also involved in giving me suggestions.