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Project Description

Cryptrunner, as the name implies, is an IOS app used to help players bet on the cryptocurrency race.  The mechanics are simple; first, you place a bet, and you will decide whether the selected currency will turn bull or bear (meaning its value will go up or down). Depending on the performance and result at the end of the race (A set time) users will be rewarded. The idea is not to play with money but allow users to try out how it would feel to bet on this type of race in a controlled environment.

My role as designer

The primary role, in this case, was to take an existing version of the app, which was mainly in the web version and partly in an IOS sketch form. The flow and design for most screens weren’t complete, so that was also part of the process. Overall in terms of UI design, the idea was to bring a more up to date color scheme, one that was more suitable to the brand but also appealing to the users. 


Like I have mentioned before some projects start with no head or feet. In this case, there was a massive chunk of the project that the previous team only designed for web. It meant the buttons, icons, and screens were redesigned for much smaller mobile screens. The challenges came in two ways. First, the human-centered design was to applied to go along best practices. Second, hiding elements meant that some functionalities the user would have to learn and wouldn’t be immediately visible. Despite these facts, the learning curve is quite low because placing bets is something most of the target audience does daily, and users got the hang of it quite fast. Last but not least, working is such a project presented an excellent opportunity to learn how IOS apps work and how the design guidelines ought to be applied.

 IOS Version

IOS Mockups fist stage (Betting Stage)

IOS Mockups Second  stage (Live Race)

IOS Mockups Third stage (Finish Results)

IOS Mockups Extra Screens (Find Race and Advanced Bets

 Web Version

Betting on race section