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Globally CIF has as its brand social mission to establish the cleanness in the apartment able to positive influence in the mood of its dwellers. 
 To communicate this positioning in Russia, we created an integration on a TV show where the presenter would go to people’s home to do a general cleaning, giving them the opportunity of resell the apartment or simply live in better conditions. CIF would give them a clean beginning, a new blank page to start with. 
 together with the show integration we create a online garage sale, where people from the show and watchers of all Russia would sell the junk objects or furniture that was blocking this new start in their life but that at the same time had some sentimental value for them just to throw out in the garbage. The sale helped them to leverage funds for necessary reforms, as well as to open space for redecorating the apartment. 
Communication goal
besides communicating the brand values and it’s social mission, we needed to inform and educate consumers on how to use each CIF product properly in the different occasions and rooms. For that we created a interactive experience with life hacks based on stop-motion animation, that would explain exactly what each product stands for. The interactive experience was available in the website of the TV show, as well as in mobile version and subway wifi integration.
Interactive experience on the website
Each room in the experience was presented with a back story, a reform in the bathroom, a secret party from the teenage daughter, a banquet in the kitchen, each event would explain how the room got in that state of dirtiness and would invite the user to slide to the right to see how CIF magically cleaned the place.

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