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Art Direction


My work in advertising started in Havas Digital Moscow (http://havasdigital.ru) . It was a great experience, which let me learn the ins and outs of advertising, working on short deadlines, as well as preparing creative ideas for different brands across different markets. Here ares some the projects I made during my time in the agency.

Lipton Tea

Large banner printed for an ice ring promoting Lipton’s new flavors for the christmas holidays. 

Premium One

A promotional banner with Premium.one and different stores in Russia.


Unilever (Bnner project for the Russian Market) The last banner is the animated version.

Belaya Dacha Identity concept to celebrate the company’s 100 year anniversary.

The final concept the company ended up using http://100let.bdsalads.ru

Key visuals for Tele 2’s Campaign

(Your freedom is not limited by traffic)

Gorenje – crisp zone campaign

Animated gif to illustrate Gorenje’s new line of product.

Chupa Chups

This website concept was done for a special campaign for the social media site odnoklassniki, users could type in a slogan an select an animated gif to share it via social media platforms.